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Neobux Explained- A proven way to earn $ 80 + per day with Neobux or any PTC programs

From Neobux TOS:
6.4. Advertisements must not be viewed on mobile phones/tablets. Doing so may lead to the permanent suspension of your account.  
Advertisements must only be clicked on using a mouse and not using any other methods.

Are you heard about Neobux? Regarded as one of the web more
productive and profitable money making Pay -To -Click service, Neobux is a legal company with important 20 million active members from all over the world. In just four years they've been online, over $ 80 million has been paid to its members! That sounds like great news, right?

The answer is no! Only $ 80 was paid to about 20 million members
four years later an average user Neobux is a pastry $ 4.00. If you ask me, that adds nothing at all! But this means that no one is making mega-profits Neobux? Not really, as there are so many success stories you will hear, and factual payment evidence of those who have been doing great.
Unfortunately for the average user, like you and me, there is much to celebrate ... but why?
The answer is simple, most people who join pay per click sites do not do much. It is even more disheartening to people who invest their hard earned money to these programs only to record losses. This is especially because they join with PTCs misguided intentions, and I hope to make it big in a couple of weeks but end up toiling for months for nothing. In the end, they get discouraged, and counting their losses, call it out.

Your guide will teach you how to make money with Neobux. The only problem is that you will not be making $ 80 + a day right away. You will be making a few cents when you start. The name of the game is called patience.
Now, with this method, I will not invest some money to make money. If you have
money to spend, by all means, do it, and you will see the results faster than mine.

The key to making money on NeoBux is through referrals. It's simple, if you do not
have referrals, you will not make money. You can rent referrals directly from Neobux.
Referrals are real people (NOT robots) and cost 30 cents a month each. some
They are active and others not. To 'recycle' a non-active reference to an asset that you
You have to pay 8 cents. It may seem a lot, but worth it. If you do not recycle inactive
referrals, you will lose money.
And why rent-a-ref is such a feature unique and valuable, most Neobux
strategies are essentially related to how you handle references rent.
Ok enough talk, let's start!
- Your email account (gmail or yahoo)
- AlertPay / PayPal account (payment processor)
PagSeguro or PayPal is a payment processor internet areas, or any other Neobux
paid to click sites (PTC) pays your  PayPal,  or  you
 can transfer to your bank account.
First thing to do is sign up for Neobux! For the registration, method is quite simple.
After registering at NeoBux, you will be taken to your profile on Neobux. If you are
success in obtaining an active member more, you can get a bonus of $ 0.03 reference.
Now you must click on all ads, especially the orange ads because it is
necessary so that you will be credited from your rented referrals in the future. You can also
AdPrize play and if you are lucky enough, you can earn R $ 0.50, $ 10, $ 20, $ 50 or even adherence of gold that cost $ 90. Many members had won in AdPrize. You can check your forum if you want.
Note: To be able to make money with Neobux is often log into your account and
complete your task to see the ad. Very easy to see the ad in Neobux is the first click "View Advertising." Then in the box that you click on the ad, you will see a period (dot) red. Please click on the spot, you will be taken to a new tab to see an ad for a few seconds. After that, you will receive additional funds in your account plus bonus opportunity AdPrize Neobux click 3 times.
AdPrize is the kind of chances of you winning the lottery for $ 50.00 or Gold Membership, once you see the ad Neobux it. If you are lucky, you can win, and can be transferred directly to your online bank account.
Neobux accepts payment via PayPal, Pay Alert, and reserved Freedom. The provisions for payment to $ 2.00, of course, this being one of Neobux advantages.

Please register Neobux through my link:  


Neobux Strategy for Standard User
 You are good at convincing people to join Neobux under your name, and you can enjoy some real earnings in Neobux as a standard member. Otherwise, it is very difficult for standard members to make real significant money. "How about renting referrals?" You may ask. Sorry to tell you, it is not profitable to rent referrals as a standard member. You have to keep your AVG (average clicks per day per ref) above 2.0 to make a profit. Otherwise, you could probably even lose money. Because? The reason is simple; you only have 50% earn from your referrals.
For discussion purposes, let's assume you paid $ 30 for 100 referrals, so each referral costs $ 3 per month. The referral has to click 60 ads (2 clicks per day) just for you to break even.
His salary = 2 * 30 * $ 0.01 * 50% = 3 $
Your profit = $ 3 - $ 3 = $ 0
You can rent referrals that work hard to keep AVG above 2, 3 or 4? Yes, you can, if you are very lucky and rent only a few references. If you try to rent more than 50 references, then the statistical rules, i.e., an AVG 1.5 to 2.0. My recommendation is that we did not even try to rent a large number of references if you are a standard member. However, this is the tricky part; you probably need to rent a number of references (200 -300) before upgrading to Gold membership soon because it is easier to rent as a normal than a gold member.

Neobux strategy for gold Member
Becoming a Gold member in Neobux is where the fun begins! Mostly, a bending revenue, while all costs remain the same. There is an annual investment to become a Gold member, which is currently $ 90 per year. This post will take a look at depth the costs and benefits of being a gold member Neobux, and we will also compare and contrast some characteristics with standard members.
Gold Member, moreover, requires a smaller average number of clicks (AVG) from references to break even. So if AVG is above 1.0, you are basically in profit already. Many people may have written about Neobux on the internet. Some showed their proof of payment, some showed the basics of Neobux, and very few explained the details as they made money with Neobux, mainly using the rent reference resource.
How to Upgrade to a Gold Member
Before you can upgrade to a gold member, you have to meet two prerequisites:
• You have to be a regular member for 15 days before upgrading to gold
• You have to click at least 100 ads yourself before you upgrade to gold
Once these prerequisites have been met, access your dashboard and click the Neobux
plus sign green, close to your membership type in the upper right corner of the screen:
As mentioned above, a rate is 90 dollars annually. You can pay through your principal balance Neobux, PayPal, AlertPay, Neteller, or by mere 30,000 NeoPoints! Restrictions that rented Gold members Rent references works a little differently for gold members than for standard members. First, you are restricted to a maximum of 2000 rented referrals (300 by default).
The main difference in renting referrals is when and how you are allowed to rent them. As a standard member, you can rent at any time after 7 days since the last time you rented. Gold members also have to adhere to this restriction, but unlike standard members, you only have two hours during a calendar day that you can rent. Thus, for example, 09:00 and 09:00. You define -os as their rental time After becoming golden.
Following the above, it is much harder to rent referrals as gold member. This is due to increased demand. So let's say you're sitting at your PC 7 days since the last time I rented, the time allocated for your rent (in this example, 9:00 or 9:00), there is a good chance that you will not be able to rent any references if you are not fast enough
- There are thousands of other members competing for limited references that have the same chosen time as yourself.
Tip: Before you go golden, max out your rented referrals 300 as a regular member, giving you a good head start as a gold member!
Using Rented Reference line
The rental queue is a Neobux system employs to end the frustration of not being able to rent such as a gold member. There are a fixed number of referrals you can queue for rent. You first year as gold member, that number is 55, in his second on, is 65 years. You have to meet several conditions in order to use the queuing rental system: you must have sufficient funds in your rental balance, you should have waited at least 7 days from the last hired and you should have in 2000 rented referrals.
There are two types of rental queues, standard and express. Which brings me bad news.
• It may take up to 2 weeks rented referrals to be delivered via the default queue
• rented referrals cost 1.5x via either the default queue
• RRS are delivered within 24 hours by express line, but cost twice as much!
Double appears to be an exorbitant cost to pay, and compared with the standard value is.
However, keep in mind that automatic payment and renovation costs will be applied to the dependent rate pattern in the number of rented referrals you have. It is only the initial cost is high.
Why upgrade to Golden Membership?
There are several reasons. The most obvious is your rented referrals commission by double-clicking when you are a gold member. Here is a comparison for various associations:
Furthermore, as a gold member you get slightly higher performing rented said that a normal filter member due to the distribution of activity that employs Neobux.
Depending on your membership, you will receive only rented referrals that have clicked:
• 11 clicks on ads in the last 5 days as a normal member (average of 2.20)
• 14 clicks on ads in the last six days as a gold member (average of 2.33)
• 17 clicks on ads in the last 7 days as a final member (average of 2.43)
The costs associated with renting references remain the same. This halves your break even point and makes it much easier to make a good profit.

Neobux Strategy Staff
This personal strategy that will teach you how to make real money with Neobux, without spending any penny. I'm about to show you a way to build his salary to $ 80 + per day without spending a nickel. No hype, no fluff and no more than 15
minutes per day.
The key to making money on NeoBux is through referrals. It's simple, if you do not
have referrals, you will not make money. You can rent referrals directly from Neobux.
Referrals are real people (NOT robots) and cost 30 cents a month each. Some will be active and others not. To 'recycle' a non-active reference to an asset that you
You have to pay 8 cents. It may seem a lot, but worth it. If you do not recycle inactive referrals, you will lose money.
Step 1: Start by clicking your ads each day
Start clicking your ads every day. When you reach 75 cents by clicking on your own ads (if you do not invest money) you can rent three references. (BUT NOT RENT REFS yet!). It takes a few days to earn the 75 cents on your own, and people are so eager to rent referrals that they just purchase as soon as your account reaches 75 cents.
When people do this, they do not realize that they do not have enough money to
maintain their rented referrals and their referrals are eventually removed because they can not afford them.
Step 2: Start the routing rent
Okay, so before you rent referrals you should earn $ 3 by clicking on your ads and then transfer it to your rental balance. This way you have $ 1 per referral, and you will easily be able to recycle them if they are not active or pay to keep them for more than a month.
It will take a while to get $ 3 on your own, but this way you will be able to keep your referrals and exchange the inactive to the active without the fear that you will not be able to pay for them.
Step 3: Enable the Auto Payment
Once you have your $ 3 in your rental balance, rent 3 referrals. Automatic payment is another must. As soon as you rent your first 3 referrals turn automatic payment (you will find it on the page below where your referrals are listed). Referrals cost 25 cents a month to maintain.
Instead of you paying for the referral, they pay, since you have to pay on Auto. What it does is to subtract one of the advertisements your referral Views each day and puts it towards the 25 cents that referral needs to stay for another month. Then you get a penny less for each shipment, but will be your reference as long as they are active.
Step 4: Avoid too early Cashing
Withdrawals too soon is a huge problem for people that use Neobux. When you request a payment is immediately transferred to your AlertPay / Paypal account.
To see if Neobux is indeed legit (which it is) many people will earn two dollars a click and then cash it out. Yihaaa ... Now you have a whole two US dollars in their Paypal account. Those dollars should have been put to rent referrals. With this strategy, you will be putting $ 3 in your rental balance before renting three references.
So $ 1 for reference. I do not cash out until I started reaching 1,000 refs.
Continue renting referred by increments of 3 (you can rent by higher increments later as your referrals make more money) and continue until you have 300 referrals. This will take some time. This is where most people flake out. When you reach 300 referrals, stop renting referrals and just maintain the ones you already have.
Continue doing this until the money builds up about $ 100 and you can use $ 90 of it to pay for a Golden upgrade.
$ 100 will not take long at all to get once you have 300 referrals and once you upgrade to golden your earnings will double. This is the best part. Gold costs $ 90 a year, but instead of getting half a cent for every ad their views reference, you get 1 cent. His double gains. That's all there is to it.
Keep renting new referrals after you upgrade to golden and do not cash out.
Remember, you do not draw anything, and you should not even have 2000 references.
But when you do cash out, you will be able to withdraw about R $ 80 per day. And that's the end of the strategy.
It will also help you in your Neobux adventure to get direct referrals after 30 days with the use of a reference link that will give you.
It may seem to start slowly at first but is only 5 minutes a day until you start to get your account built.
Once you start renting, these things start to get exciting. Watch your close references. No clicks for three days when you rent them, recycle them for new ones.
Watch your average reference and your last sign ins. Keep all references that have an average of more than 1.
Patience is the key to succeeding in Neobux; you can not expect to make tons of money with Neobux in just a few days (unless you invest the money as I did, which is highly recommended). If you have patience and willingness to read this guide, you have the key to success! Be sure to click on the ads every day to be credited with your clicks reference tomorrow.

Neobux Premier strategy
This key strategy will teach you how to make real money with Neobux, with some investment. Although you can start FREE to accumulate your salary to rent referrals, putting a small amount of money that will speed up the process a lot, and your gain will be much more than your investment soon.

Week 1: Rent 100 referrals
Rent 100 referrals, you need a PayPal account to pay. Neobux charges
$ 25 / month ($ 6.25 / week) for 100 rented referrals.
Statistically, the number of shipping clicks is 1.5 per day, so Week 1 Earning
= 100 * 1.5 * 7 * $ 0.01 (ref clicks) + 4 * 7 * 0.01 (auto clicks) = $ 10.8
Cost = R $ 25 (rent 100 referrals)
Week 2: Hire more 100 References
Rent another 100 Referrals, so Week 2 Earning = 200 * 1.5 * 7 * $ 0.01 (ref clicks) +
4 * 7 * 0.01 (auto clicks) = $ 21.3
Cost = R $ 25 (rent 100 referrals) + $ 11.3 (reference renewal) + 1.6 (recycling) = $ 37.9
1 . You can only register as the default association for the first couple of weeks, and
the salary is R $ 0005 / click references (We simplify the calculation here using
$ 0.01 for the first two weeks).
2 . Neobux has a feature of "automatic payment" rent renewal reference with 10% discount and assume 25% of referrals will be renewed. namely, the renewal cost as weekly = 200 * 25% ($ 25/100) * 0.9 = $ 11.3
3. Suppose that the recycling rate 10%, or 10% of referrals are recycled every week, the cost of recycling * 200 = 10% * 0.08 = $ 1.6
Week 3: Hire more 100 References
Rent another 100 Referrals, and upgrade to Golden Membership for $ 90 per year.
This is highly recommended because you will earn $ 0.01 per click of your referrals to double your salary.
Thus, Week 3 Earning = 300 * 1.5 * 7 * $ 0.01 (ref clicks) + 10 * 7 * 0.01 (auto clicks) = $ 32.2
Cost = R $ 25 (new rent 100 references) + $ 16.9 (lease renewal) + $ 2.4 (recycling) + $ 90 (membership) = $ 134.3
In the following weeks, repeat the same thing adding 100 referrals every week.
You can reinvest the gain to rent referrals. Of course, you need to spend 10-20
Minutes a day to click on some ads. Otherwise the earnings from referrals will not be credited to your account. A piece of cake . Also, note that you will need around 150 initial investment dollars to start accelerating the gain.
Week 20: start reaching 2,000 Referral
By now, you must have attained the limit of 2,000 references reinvesting what you have earned to rent more referrals every week.
Week 20 Operating = 2000 * 1.5 * 7 * 0.01 (Refs clicks) + 10 * 7 * 0.01 (Auto Clicks)
= $ 210.7
Cost = R $ 25 (rent new 100 above) + $ 112.5 (lease renewal) + $ 16
(Recycling) = $ 153.5
Profit = $ 210.7 to 153.5 $ = $ 57.2
From this point on, the salary and the cost will be stabilized, because you have reached the limit of 2,000 rented referrals. Since you can not buy new more referrals, your
cost is only a reference for the refurbishment and recycling, which is $ 112.5 (lease renewal) + $ 16
(Recycling) = $ 128.5.
His salary will still be $ 210.7 per week (same as in week 20). So your Weekly profit becomes $ 210.7 - $ 128.5 = $ 82.2 per week, or $ 356 per month! That does not sound so bad, right?

Neobux Strategy for end member

It is increasingly difficult these days to rent referrals because more and more
people are fighting for referrals. References can be easily rented even one minute after the clock because so many people out there are trying to rent
references. You sleep, you lose.
I Alternatively, you can pay another $ 890 to upgrade to the Ultimate Pack because you have a full-time job, and you want to spend less time on it. However, the money should pay quickly. It ensures that the rented referrals are delivered you the time and at an accelerated rate, which is 200 rent referrals every 4 days, or about 300 referrals a week! Once you reach the maximum of 4,000 rented referrals for Ultimate Pack, you can earn up to $ 177 per week, profit, or $ 9,200 a year!
I will explain the cost and the gain for the week of 20 as an example.
Week 20 Earning = 4,000 * 1.5 * 7 * $ 0.01 (ref clicks) + 15 * 7 * 0.02 (auto clicks) =
$ 422.1 Week 20 Cost = 4000 * 25% * $ 0.25 * 90% (reference renewal) + 4,000 * 10% * $ 0.05
= $ 245 profit = $ 422.1 to 245 $ = $ 177.1 per week, or $ 767 per month
Again, the assumptions are:
• average of 1.5 clicks per referral per day (AVG)
• 25% of referrals are renewed every week, or every 4,000 are renewed every month. w .
10% referrals are recycled every week, or 40% of all referrals are recycled every month.
• Automatic Payment is activated for 10% discount on the reference renewal.
If you want to try different assumptions, plug your numbers to the number above equations to get an idea. It is impossible to give Me all the scenarios in this article here.
In summary, the strategy for Neobux end members is not much different than for gold members together. He wins because it has more references which are their workforce. No sale here, I have to mention that Neobux provides a lot of exciting features for end members to reduce the account maintenance cost, such as 7 days for free recycling, the discount rate for recycling, the discount rate Divert rent 30 days of vacation mode, etc. you get what you pay for, right?

Pitfalls to Avoid
Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid to make money with Neobux.
Getting direct referrals too early
This is a common mistake novice. You can only have DR after having been registered for 30 days and has 100 personal clicks. We recommend that you were familiar with the rules and FAQ Neobux. You can not play the game if you do not know the rules.
too early withdrawals
This is another common pitfall, especially with impatient people. To see if
Neobux is legal; many people will earn $ 1.00 and then withdraw. Great, now you have a whole dollar in your PayPal account. That dollar should have been put to rent
Ignoring days / Stop
A lot of people skip days of clicking on ads, especially in the beginning. Maybe they
He forgot, or maybe they just are not motivated. Whatever the reason, the days of jumping will slow your progress and your game plan for wealth is delayed. The solution to this is to have the proper motivation. Our newsletter will provide the motivation you need to stay active. If you have downloaded this ebook, you are already subscribed to the newsletter, so you do not have to do anything at this time.
Beware of scams
which hit rate for bux sites is very high - it feels as if every day a bux site
It becomes a farce, and the same day, another bux site is born. In this field, you need to take some steps to protect yourself from being scammed. The good news is that when a site is becoming a farce, there are some telltale signs that indicate as such. Usually, these signs are quite obvious so that we will list them for you.

signs of neglect
If the administrator does not answer questions in the forum, or if there are broken links or errors on the site, and they are not corrected, these are signs of neglect. Perhaps the administrator has given up on the site, so watch for these signs.
Many complaints
If a site has many complaints against him, pay close attention, because users are not happy. Use Google to find out more information - suggest typing the site name
followed by the word scam. For example, try "onbux scam" - you will never know if the results are what you expected.
Be choosy with payments
If a site pays some members but does not pay the others, which is a big red flag. it probably means that they are running out of money, then they can only pay a few members. Many bux sites rely on ads and updates to the funds, and if the resources are running out, so they will not be able to pay its members. If you have a pending money and have not received your payment, however, then submit a support ticket and see what happens.
Hopefully, they are just having delays - but always expect the worst possible scenario.
Problems with PayPal
The whole point of joining a new website is to make money, right? So what happens if you can not, because the site is having problems with PayPal? If this happens, that is a red flag, an indication that the site is going downhill.

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